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I am new to the whole Tintin/Haddock thing and yet I am so obsessed!! I really love the art of NoNIck4Now and I saw that there was a picture (that I will try and include) of Haddock protecting Tintin in the rain. NoNick asked someone to write a story to go with it, so I did! I hope this is okay ....

The room was insufferably hot, but that was to be expected with the fire stoked to a blaze. The doctor was used to such warm rooms, as families and loved ones seemed to think that building a fire as high as it was possible without actually burning down the house was the most appropriate thing to do. Of course, with so little they could do, the doctor could hardly blame them.
The large, wooden paneled and canopied Elizabethan bed stood like room within the bedroom. Heavy crimson velvet drapes, pulled back slightly to the four post corners, trapped and contained the heat of the fire. Lying prone upon the bed with the bed linens pulled down to his waist; the patient was in a feverish delirium that the doctor was sure made his presence unknown to the man.
Steadily and methodically, the doctor assessed all the vitals of the burly and bearded man. Listened to his heart; took his pulse both at his feet and his wrists; listened to the man’s breath as it moved in and out of the lungs. Pulling back the eyelids, the pupils were still dilating equally to light; that was good. But still the fever was the issue and that showed no signs of letting up.
With one last listen to the man’s heart with his stethoscope, the doctor instinctively turned his head to listen and caught peripheral sight of the room’s other two occupants. Like a statue or suit of armor, the butler stood by the bedroom door unmoving. However, the doctor did not need to look at the man to know that while his stance was straight and true, the eyes were turned intensely towards the bed like a cat ready to move at the slightest sign of movement or need. But of most concern was the fair, ginger haired young master at the foot of the bed.
The young man stood with one arm around the tree trunk like bed post; clutching it like a drowning man grasping floating debris; the other hand was clenched in a tight fist that was drawn up to his chest. His pale and concerned face was sweaty and his eyes had the look of a rabbit in the headlights of a speeding car. He didn’t even seem to notice the doctor. In fact, like the butler, his attention was consumed solely for the man in the bed. If the truth be told, the doctor was as concerned for the red haired young man as much as he was for the feverish man in his care.
Standing straight and stretching his aching back a bit, the doctor removed his stethoscope and turned towards the anxious man across the bed from him.
“His breathing is clear but it is still too shallow for my liking.” The doctor said, slowly moving to his medicine bag and putting away his equipment. “His pulse is a bit rapid, but it is regular. His heart sounds strong but his pressure is high. All of this is due to the fever and that is what concerns me the most.”
“What can we do?” Said the young man; the near pleading in his voice barely contained. “What must I do?”
Holding his breath for a moment, the doctor continued, “Tintin, there is little we can do at this point. When and if he is responsive, try and give him some aspirin, but for now, continue to monitor his fever and use cold compresses often. If it gets too high, we may need to give the Captain an ice bath, but I am hoping it doesn’t come to that.” Hoping was not quite the same thing as thinking it won’t come to that; a minor difference, but one that was not lost on Tintin. “If he can make it through the night and if we are lucky, the fever may break and the Captain will be in a much better position.”
“But he will get better.” Asked Tintin; wanting the reply that he longed for but not yet heard. “I mean, he will recover won’t he?”
Doctor Patella stood and looked at the young man with unanswering eyes. It was never easy to tell a patient, let alone a loved one, that the chances were fifty/fifty. But for some reason, telling this to Tintin would have been painful beyond words.
“I will call on you both tomorrow morning and we will go from there.” It was total avoidance of the question, but the doctor did not have the strength to go further. Putting on his coat and picking up his black bag, Doctor Patella turned to the Butler. “Nestor, no need to see me out. I know my way.”
“Very good sir.” Came the crisp reply and with that the butler turned back to look at Tintin, who had already moved to sit next to Captain Haddock. As the doctor left and closed the door, Tintin took Haddock’s hand in his and stared down at the unresponsive man.
“Nestor,” Tintin started to say, turning suddenly towards the manservant. He didn’t get the chance to finish nor need to.
“I shall bring up a large bowl with ice in it directly sir as well as a change of clothes for you.” The young man had not changed in over twenty-four hours since Captain Haddock start turning to the worse. “Would you also care for one of the maids to come up and sit with Master Haddock while you take some supper?”
“Thank you Nestor, but no; I am not leaving the Captain. And I am not hungry, so please don’t trouble cook with supper. Also, you needn’t bother getting a change of clothing; I am fine as I am. If you could just bring up the bowl with ice that would be great. I will call you if we need anything else” With that said, Tintin turned back to the Captain and carefully brushed away the hair that covered Archie’s sweaty brow.
“Very good sir. As you wish.” Nestor quickly exited and closed the door behind him. Leaning again the wall in the hallway for a moment, he took a deep breath in and let out a quick sigh. The idea of Marlinspike hall without Captain Archibald Haddock was almost unthinkable. But the vision of young Master Tintin left alone to wander the great house like a lost soul was more than even staunch, stalwart Nestor could bear to contemplate. Taking another deep breath he moved quickly to get the bowl and ice that was so needed; not just for the Captain, but for Tintin as well.

* * *

Tintin knew that he was at fault. He blamed himself. He should have worn a raincoat or listened to Archie when he had suggested a taxi. He should have thought this through. Hell, he should have done half a dozen things before it got out of hand but no, he let his optimism, once again, get the better of him and this was the result. Of course, Archie had said it was no big deal; he would be fine and was his usual, lovable crabby self when he first went to bed feeling sick and said a wee bit of supper and some fine rum would do the trick. No need to call the doctor. Was everyone daft? They had laughed about it. That was just four days ago but by this after afternoon the fever wouldn’t come down so easily and he slipped in and out of delirium.
The bedroom door opened without a knock and Nestor came in and placed a large blue and white bowel of ice on the marble topped bedside table and then silently left the room. Tintin got up and took the wash basin pitcher and filled it in the bathroom with water and grabbed a couple of wash clothes. Bringing the pitcher back in, he pour the water onto the ice and threw the wash clothes in as well. He picked up one; wrung it out slightly and placed it on Archie’s forehead. With the second cloth, he began to slowly run it over the Captain’s naked chest and arms.
Wednesday morning seemed like ages ago but it was just four days past. Archibald had come into the library where Tintin was reading the morning papers. He had had a surprise for Tintin he has said and he wanted to go down to the docks. Tintin was intrigued and begged to know the surprise but Archie had been steadfast in not telling and laughed at each new question or wild guess that Tintin would throw at him.
It was, as the Irish would say, a “fine soft morning”. Gray and cloudy with just a hint of rain on the air. Archibald had worn his old “uniform” for the occasion; Captain’s Hat; blue wool sea man’s sweater, a heavy navy blue pea coat and his dark navy colored trousers and black boots. Except for the fact that everything was new and crisp looking, Archie had the old look of when Tintin had first laid eyes on him. Archie looked magnificent; dashing; so handsome and commanding, that Tintin was just in awe of him. Of course, Tintin was his usually “scamp” self, to use one of Archie’s nicknames, in his white shirt, thin cotton cardigan and khaki pants and worn Oxfords, but then Archie always said he loved that look on him, so Tintin felt no need to change. Archie told him to go grab his coat but Tintin insisted that he didn’t need it and frankly, Tintin didn’t want to wait for the surprise.
The walk down to the docks was only 4 miles and the two of them reminisced about the adventures they had had and what they would do now that both had “retired”. Of course, Archie had retired as a sea captain but Tintin had merely settled down to be a local commentator for the foreign news stores in the small local paper. Tintin had actually thought many times about starting up his own paper when the local one didn’t meet his standard on the news reports. Archie always laughed and encouraged Tintin when thoughts turned that way but he didn’t laugh and tell him to forget it and he certainly didn’t call him mad for thinking it in the first place. Another quality that endeared Archibald to Tintin’s heart.
As they drew close to the docks themselves, Archie had insisted that Tintin close his eyes and wait for the signal to open them. It was driving Tintin mad, but Archie insisted and Tintin could see that Archie was excited too. The excitement was infectious and Tintin closed his eye s and let himself be lead. Finally, they stopped and Archie turned Tintin around by the shoulders until he was apparently in the right spot and said, “Now, open them!”
Tintin opened his eyes and for a second wasn’t quite sure what he was suppose to see. There was a large white Cargo ship docked in front of him, all pristine and shiny but nothing out of the ordinary. But after a space of fifteen or twenty seconds comprehension dawned on him and he was speechless. The ship was the Karaboudjan, but it was resorted and painted with a navy blue hull, white structure and gold color funnel. It was beautiful! Tintin was gobsmacked and could only turn towards Archie with his mouth hanging open.
“Isn’t it wondeful laddie!” cried Haddock.
“It’s amazing! It loooks like a brand new ship!” Tintin replied.
“That’s not all. We have renamed her.” Haddock said, pointing towards the bow.
There in gold letters on white, read RMS Tibet.
Tintin felt a a bit of a catch in his throat. The name was not lost on him as it was on one of their last adventures that Haddocks has almost sacrafised his own life to save Tintin. It had been one of the final catalysts for them both to finally retire. Tintin had to fight back emotions rising in him; no matter how much it touched him, even happy tears would not be spilled.
“It is truly wonderful Archie.” Tintin turned and gave Archie a brillant smile.
Haddock had smiled back and threw an arm around Tintin’s shoulders. Standing there, his chest thrown out with pride and clearly happy that Tintin was happy, Archibald Haddock just stood there with the contentment of a perfect moment realized. Tintin turned his head and marvelled at the man that had brought so much to his life and he slipped his own arm around the Captain’s waist. But of course, Tintin had just one more question for Archie.
“So, it looks fantastic and all but I don’t get it. Why spend the money and time and effort on the ship; even going so far as to rename it when you have retired?” Tintin asked as gentlely as he could; fearing Archie would be angry and put off at the question.
Haddock released Tintin and instead of being angry, turned and took both of Tintin’s hands in his and look down at his young friend. “I am retired. As Captain. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go into business as a trader.” Archie gave Tintin a crooked little smile and winked at him. Tintin was amazed and thrilled, not just at the idea, but because Archie had been able to keep an even bigger secret from him!
“And this ship isn’t all.” Haddock continued. “I have also bought The old Aurora and the Sirius! Both are being completed now. Still haven’t decided if I will keep the old names or not.”
So it was to be a trading/cargo line – not just one ship. Tintin was filled with pride. “Well, whether you keep them or rename them, I am really happy for you Archie!”
“Thank you laddie.” Archibald beamed down at Tintin. Tintin threw his arms around the Captain and hugged him. It had been a great surprise and he was so happy that Archie had saved it for Tintin.
They met with a few of the workman and Archie had a long chat with the foreman of the finishing crew. It was about 1:30pm when they finally started heading back to Marlinspike Hall.
As they talked, the first few drops of rain began. Archie offered his coat to Tintin but it was refused. Tintin was sure that the rain would be light and short lived at best. As they reached the edge of town it was a little more than a sprinkle and again, Archie offered his coat or to go into a near by shop and call for a taxi to take them back. No, said Tintin, it was fine. Archie clearly had the look of someone not liking the answers he was being given but he didn’t argue with Tintin; he rarely did when Tintin was so happy.
However, they were only halfway back to the hall when the heavens opened up. Now, both had sailed through worse aboard the Karaboudjan. There were gales off the coast of Scotland; a couple of Typhoons in the east Pacific and even a Hurricane once in the carribean. And while this did not have the fierce wind to drive the rain in sideways, the rain came down in buckets and soon Tintin was soaked through. At this point Archibald had insisted on giving Tintin his coat; having gotten a bit cross when Tintin had tried to refuse a third time. Archie had made Tintin cover his head as well and he pulled Tintin a bit closer to him as if he could shield him further with his own body. By the time they had reached the hall, Archie looked like he had dove into the sea fully clothed.
Dried off and getting ready for dinner, they laughed at that point about the rain and Archibald has teased Tintin about being a scamp and forgetting to even bring a coat. Tintin stated that they had a perfectly good car and why didn’t they just take that? Back and forth they teased, neither really noticing the Captain’s little cough or sniffles as the afternoon wore on. However, half way through dinner,Archibald was clearly not feeling well and decided that he would just go up to bed and lay down. Tintin had followed and they played chess and Tintin built up the fire.
Thursday dawned and there was little change but Archie had insisted that it was nothing and dismissed the notion of calling for the doctor. It would clear by the end of the day most likely; by the end of the week for sure; it was nothing; nothing to worry about. Or so he insisted. However, Archie was not quite strong enough to get out of bed all day. There was no change by Friday morning.
“Are you mad?” Haddock had scoffed, when by Friday afternoon Tintin had suggested again to call the doctor when the fever had started.
“It could get worse if we don’t.” Tintin had stated
“Oh, don’t be daft. It’s nothing! Go on and tell cook to make us some supper to have here and let’s play another game of chess. I won’t stand to be sick AND beaten by you at that infernal game!” Tintin laughed and all thoughts of calling Dr Patella were put aside.
But by Satursday noon, the fever went up and didn’t come back down to normal and Archie had slipped in a dilerius state. Mumbling and calling for Tintin in his sleep; Tintin had finally had enough and Dr Patella was called. Actually, not so much called as retrieved; So scared was Tintin that he had ordered Nestor to get the car and fetch Dr Patella at once and he didn’t care what the man was doing.
At first it was hard to assess the Captain. He would occasionally thrash about and yell out something that had to do with long past events. He cried that he was burning up and attempted to rip his clothes off and pushed the covers off of him; then he would say he was freezing and he would break out in a clamy sweat. In the end, there was a compromise (if one was able to compromise with a delirious man) and they had taken his pajamas off and folded the covers down to his waist. This seemed to help and frankly, it was better than fighting with him every 10 minutes to put the pajamas back on only for him to pull them off again minutes later. Tintin had stoked the fire to keep the room warm, because as the fever cycle would bring bouts of shivers and shakes. The doctor had given the Captain some morphine to help calm him but he dared not give too much as Archie’s breathing was already shallow.
Now the doctor had come and gone and Tintin blamed himself. All he could do was think back to Wednesday and kick himself for not wearing a coat to begin with; if he had, Archie wouldn’t have gotten so wet. He thought about the taxi, or even just calling the house and having Nestor come and pick them up in the car. But no, Tintin had thought himself above all that and that nothing would go wrong. He had only thought of himself and not what would happen to Archie if the weather turned bad.
Hot, angry tears rolled down Tintin’s face and still he kept up the cold compress and the cooling sponging. He would rewet the wash clothes every few minutes so that they wre always cool and he took Archie’s temperature every 30 minutes; hoping for any sign of change.
As the hours wore on, Archibald remained calm, thanks to the morphine, and Tintin kept up his nursing. Finally, the small mantle clock struck one in a.m.; Tintin realized that he had been awake for amost seventeen hours straight and he was beginning to feel the exhaustion. He tried to fiight it and told himself to continue but by one-twenty, he was starting to nod off.
Angry with himself, he knew he couldn’t keep going. But he couldn’t just do nothing. The doctor has said the compress were good but that keeping Archie warm was best as they idea was to “sweat out” the fever. Finally, as sleep crept closer, Tintin realized that he had few options. Archie may try and push off all the covers again and that would just leave him exposed to the night air. That wouldn’t do. So, Tintin did the one thing he knew would work.
Tintin rose and made up the fire again; it wouldn’t last the night but Tintin was determined to get as much out of the fire as possible. He slowly undressed himself and then climbed in next to Archie. Tintin then pulled up the top sheet, comforter and finally the quilt and pressed himself to the burly man next to him. If I can’t be awake to make sure he stays warm, I can damn well use myself to make sure he get’s warmth, thought Tintin. Almost instantly the incredible warmth of the fire combined with all the bed coverings and the Captain’s own body heat, Tintin felt a bit lightheaded from the temperature.
Tintin was determined to see the Archie through this. Come hell or high water, Tintin was not about to lose the one person in the world who meant so much to him. His friend; his mentor; his protector at times and most definitely his most loyal “partner in crime”. Archiblad Haddock was so many things to Tintin that the truth finally rose up in Tintin and he could no long deny what was right there before him. I can’t lose this man. The only person in the world I love more than myself.
Tintin driffed into the bliss of sleep and love as Archibald Haddock rolled over, pulled Tintin into his arms and wrapped his body around the young man. Neither of them was awake to hear the Captain whisper, “Mon petit”

* * *

Wet. Wet and cold were the first things Archibald felt. Even before he opened his eyes, he could feel the cold surrounding him. No, that wasn’t entirely true; there was a small pocket of warmth next to him and as his mind cleared, he realized that Tintin was laying next to him in bed. What time was it? What the hell day was it? Turning over he observed the long dead fire and the large blue and white bowl on the marble topped table.
As his senses came back to him, he remembered a little. He had been sick, when was that (he couldn’t remember that so clearly), and he knew that it was morning because the grey light of dawn streamed through the leaded glass windows of his bedroom. He also realized that the bed was soaking wet and that was what was making him cold. As he pulled back the covers he saw that not only was he naked by so was Tintin. He pulled the blankets back over Tintin and then sat on the side of the bed to get his barings.
Wednesday; he remembered going to the docks and showing off the ship. They had walked back and he spent the next few days in bed. But that is were things go fuzzy. Blue Blazes he thought, how many days has it been? He tried to stand up. He felt weak and he had to sit back down. He took a few deeper breaths and tried again. This time he made it to his waredore and took out his robe.
He went into the bathroom and took a good look at himself in the mirror. Thundering thyphoons he looked like hell! And his mouth felt like it was filled with cotton. Also, he finally caught a whif of the smell that rose from him. The last time he looked and smelled this bad was that was a week long bender when he nearly lost his ship to that traitorious Allan! He turned on the tap and brought a handful of water to his mouth; swished it around and spit and then took both hands and ran some cool water over his face. That helped a bit.
Right, first things first. He needed to get Tintin out of that damn cold wet bed and they both needed a good long bath to clean up. Nestor. He needed Nestor. As he came out of the bathroom and headed for the door; as if he had read the Captain’s mind, the bedroom door opened and there stood the butler.
“Sir! Thank goodness you are alright!” Nestor said with relief clearly in his voice. “Master Tintin has been beside himself.”
“Thank you Nestor. It’s about Tintin that I am glad you are here.” Archie started. “The bed is soaking wet and ….” As usual, one didn’t have to really finish needs when Nestor was around.
“Fear not sir, I shall handle all of that.” Nestor said. Archibald knew that no further instructions would be needed at this point.
“Thank you Nestor. You’re a good man.” He slapped the butler on the upper arm.
“Shall I wake Master Tintin for you sir, as the maids will clearly need to have full assess to the room.”
“No. I shall care of Tintin myself.”
“Very good sir.” With that Nestor closed the door and Archie turned towards the bed.
Tintin looked like a small child sleeping curled up in the heavy blankets and covers. Archibald looked down at him with much emotion in him. He knew that whatever he had been through, he owed his passage to this most incredible and caring young man. Archie returned to the bathroom and turned on the water for the huge tub. He paced himself as his legs were not quite strong yet, but Archie got out towels, wash clothes, soap, everything one would need and then he went back to wake up Tintin.
Pulling back the covers a bit, he bend down over his sleeping companion.
“Tintin.” He said three times. He repeated it a tiny bit louder each time but still low enough so as not to startle the young man. “Tintin, it’s time to get up laddie.”
Dreamily, Tintin responded without opeingin his eyes, “In in minute.”
Archie just smiled and pulled back to covers completely. He gently wrapped one arm under Tintin’s shoulders and guided the boy to a sitting position. Then, he helped Tintin to stand; leading him, still in a dreamy state, into the bathroom. As Tintin’s feet hit the tile floor, it was enough to finally rouse him awake.
“Archie!” He said with a slight yawn. “Are you alright? How do you feel? “
“I am fine laddie. And I am sure it’s all thanks to you.” Archie stood close to Tintin in case he wasn’t quite awake yet.
“What’s happening?” Tintin said as he opened his eyes a bit wider.
“It’s monring and it’s time we both clean up a bit. I have smelled trollers that smelled fresher.” Tintin gave a sleepy chukle and both of them climbed into the gigantic tub.
Archibald was not a man to usually care about such things, but he did love this bathroom. While the bedroom had not been the actually master bedroom (that room was his grandfather’s old room and somehow that just seemed like it always should be just for grandpa), Archie’s bedroom had been the one of the paneled guest rooms. He liked the room because not only only was it totally paneled in dark wood like a ship, but it had this fantastic bathroom attached. Orginiall a small private chaple for the family, it had been converted to a bathroom when the manor had been updated and mondernized. The stainglass windows had offered privacy for a bathroom without the need of blinds or coverings and the size of the room meant that Archie could bring in a biggest tub he could find! And that he had! He could stretch out completely and still not have to bend his legs and it was deep enough so that he could go under and not spill a drop of water! Today it was great because that meant he could share the tub with Tintin and there be plenty of room. Although, truth be told, he wished at the moment that there was a little less room, for it would have meant that they would have to be closer; much closer.
Archibald laid back and closed his eyes. Half remembered dreams seemed to speak to him through the fog of his mind. He vaguely recalled nighmareish visions. There has been these overwhelming feelings of fear and dread and he suddenly remembered dreams in which Tintin was in danger; he could hear Tintin crying and calling his name; he had felt frantic and panic and he had cried out to Tintin, begging the boy to come to him; called out for Tintin to tell him where he was. These were dark and distrubing feeligns and as Archie sat in the warm tub, he actually felt a little nauseous of these dreams. Finally there was one that came back; pleaseant and beautiful – he had found the boy and had wrapped him up in his arms. Don’t cry, don’t cry, I wont leave you. I am here. Mon petit.
Archibald opened his eyes and saw that Tintin was also leaning to one side of the tub having slipped into a dreamy half sleep. Mon petit. Yes, that was what he was, his little one. The one person in the world he loved more than he loved even himself. He sat forward and gently pulled Tintin into his arms and laid the young man’s head on his chest. Tintin breath deeply and cuddle up into Archie’s chest. Laying his cheek on top of Tintin’s head, he just held on tight to this moment.
The time has come. It’s been long overdue but Archie couldn’t deny what he felt any longer. He could pretend before that they were just friend; best friends; pseudo father and son; partners in crime as they joked. There were the intrepid pair that got the bad guy and saved the day. But now; now there could be no more denying the love that he felt for this young man. It was bigger than them both and yet it was something tender and precious to be charished. He loved his young man so much that he couldn’t remember ever caring for another individual as much. Hell, he was one of only a few people in world who knew Tintin’s given name! (The others would be Tintin’s family, who Archie had never met nor wished to meet. Whenever conversation seemed to head towards Tintin’s past or parents, there came this shadow over Tintin’s face and the subject was quickly changed. As far as Archibald was concerned, anyone that caused Tintin to feel pain or suffering, was not someone Archie would ever like or care to know; no matter how they were related to his Tintin.)
There was a discreet and barely audible knock on the bathroom door.
“What is it?” Archie said, as quietly but firmly as he could. He didn’t want to wake Tintin and yet he was a bit annoyed at being distrubed.
The door cracked only a hair but enough so that Nestor could be heard clearly. “I am sorry to interupt sir, but the doctor is here to see you. I have placed him in the upstair’s sitting room so that you won’t have to descend the stairs and I have told him that you would see him as soon as you were ready. Also, I took the liberty to fetch Master Tintin some fresh clothes and I have them folded on the corner chair here in your room”
Good old Nestor. He really did think of everything.
“Good man. We should be done soon.” Archie said as Nestor closed and shut the door without nearly a sound.
Tintin, took a deep breath and pushed himself up so that he could look directly into Archies eyes. Obiviously he was not really alseep, however, he clearly didn’t want the embrace to be broken.
“You really should be checked by the doctor.” Tintin stated with a small smile on his face. A smile that spoke volumes of emotion without the need for words.
Archibald returned that smile and smiply nodded agreement.
“Tintin. There is something I needed to say to you before we go any further.” Archie said. But Tintin gently took one hand and placed the finger tips on Archie’s lips to stop him. Tintin than moved the hand to the nap of Archie’s neck and drew their faces towards each other. Archie closed his eyes and felt Tintin’s lips touch his own. Like touching an open current, sensentions moved down Archie’s spine and he pulled Tintin into a tighter embrace. Both could feel their hardening manhood between them and that only fed the fire. In unison they opened their mouths and allowed their tongues and lips to express their love to the other. After a few minutes they pulled apart and both looked into the eyes of his lover and felt the world around them just disappear.
“I love you too Archibald Haddock.” Tintin said. “With all my heart and soul, I love you.” Archie pulled them together again into a tighter embrace and this time the kiss was deeper and more intense. Time seemed to stand still and there was nothing but light and warmth around them both.
Slowly they moved apart and knew that it was time to go. Standing up, their said nothing but each dried the other off. Tenderly and completely they moved along the other’s body until they finally felt the cool air on their anked forms.
The moved to the bedroom to dress. As happy was he was, Archie still had to admit that he was still feeling a bit weak. Tintin had dressed quickly into his khaki’s and dress shirt and only put on socks. Then he assisted Archie. Archie simply put on a clean pair of pajama bottoms, his slippers and his robe. No need to dress completely when he was just going to come back and get back into the newly clean and fresh bed. The maid had made a good job of the room and the little fire was just enough to warm without making it sweltering.
As they went to the bedroom door, there was a quick kiss between them and then Tintin stood there for Archie to lean on. Both knew that when the meeting was over, they would be back here to talk more. But both also had the feeling that that converstation would not need words to communicate what was now so full in their hearts.



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